Welcome to Peaceful Journey

Peaceful Journey is an in-home provider of veterinary hospice, end-of-life care and euthanasia in Bozeman and the surrounding Gallatin Valley. We know avoiding pain and suffering is of utmost importance to pet owners.

Our services are performed by a licensed veterinarian in the comfort of your home. This allows for comprehensive evaluation of your pet’s quality of life in his or her usual and most comfortable surroundings. Pet hospice and in-home euthanasia offer a number of advantages, including the opportunity to allow your pet’s story to end peacefully surrounded by loved ones without the stress of clinical surroundings. It’s the kind of compassionate care your companion animal deserves. Pet euthanasia appointments can be scheduled in your pet's favorite place. We welcome outdoor adventures.

Our Philosophy

At Peaceful Journey, we recognize this as a difficult time for you, your pet and your family. We provide compassionate individualized care to alleviate pain and suffering. Our goal is to make your pet’s final journey as peaceful as it can be.

Pet Hospice

With help from Peaceful Journey, hospice care can be experienced with dignity in the comfort of home.

Pet Euthanasia

In-home euthanasia allows families to say goodbye to their beloved pet in a peaceful familiar setting.

Laser Therapy

A noninvasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation.