Train a Farmer

Kilimo Timilifu

Kilimo Timilifu is a holistic farming project located along the coast of Tanzania–one of the most marginalized and impoverished areas. KT trains Tanzanians in agricultural entrepreneurship and community outreach. This equips them to be successful, self-supporting farmers, sharing their knowledge to reduce poverty among communities along the coast of Tanzania and beyond.

There are few Tanzanians financially able to live in such conditions and, of those who do, they have struggled to secure a quality education for their children in these locations. Kilimo Timilifu practically addresses the above issues that have contributed to these coastal areas remaining largely under-developed.

“[A] man is developing himself when he grows, or earns, enough to provide decent conditions for himself and his family; he is not being developed if someone gives him these things.”
– Julius Kambarage Nyerere (Tanzania’s first President)

This effort encompasses my core value of training others to be productive and serving citizens. Thus all funds above PJ invoice amounts will support KT.  Please consider donating.