Doreen and Tom M.

"Our cat was 17 years old and suffering from cancer and other ailments and had quit eating. We knew it was time. But she hated traveling in the car and going to the vet. It was a great relief to have the option for Peaceful Journey to come to our house. We were able to hold our kitty in her own home. The Doctor was very professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic and we would highly recommend her and her services."

Tammy F.

"Thanks so much for your help with Whip. It made it a little less heartbreaking knowing that he could peacefully pass at home laying in his favorite spot in the yard with us next to him. We are so grateful and would recommend this service for everyone."

Laurie B.

"After 14 years of life, our beloved girl told us it was time. Being able to help her on that journey in the comfort of home with loved ones around her was a godsend. Peaceful Journey’s compassionate care and love for animals is truly heartfelt. When the need arises, we will definitely use her services again."

Kathy N.

"We live in Gardiner, an hour from the closest vet care. When our dear dog became abruptly and terminally ill, we were worried about what it would be like if we had to make an emergency drive. Let alone if it was after hours. Peaceful Journey was literally the kindest thing that I can think of! They understand the situation with your pet, but equally what we were going thru. They are angels! Having our boy go over the rainbow bridge from his home was so comforting. Since my husband had to leave town, they were my rock to get thru it too. It was life changing for all of us."

Andrea M.

"We used Peaceful Journey when it came time for my Standard Poodle, and they were awesome. They even made a paw print for me, which is something I hadn't thought about. This is the worst time in a pet owners life, and they were so quiet and gentle, and gave us the time we needed, and allowed us to be right there. It was the way I wanted it to be. Calm, and in our own home. We have 3 other older boys as well and when it comes their time if we have to make the decision, I will call them again. Thank you very much."

Nancy Q.

"A wonderful, compassionate service. We used Peaceful Journey when our kitty was diagnosed with un-treatable cancer. Peaceful Journey provided a dignified end for our beloved Starbuck that was painless and very loving in our home. Perhaps even more important, they allowed us to have a quiet closure. They were quiet and very gentle, allowing me to hold Starbuck in my lap. They explained everything they were going to do so we could be prepared. The sweetest touch was gently placing him in a little basket with a blanket over him, just like he was tucked into bed, as they took him away. We were absolutely heartbroken over losing him, but Peaceful Journey made the worst day in a pet owner's life bearable."

Jane J.

"Thank you for coming to my home and helping Bosha pass. I am so thankful i found you. My kitty never left his home in all the years I had him and because you came to him he was able to pass away in his favorite place. Peaceful Journey says it all. Thank you."