Laser Therapy

LASER Therapy

LASER therapy uses infrared light to energize the traumatized/fatigued cells to do their normal cell activity.  This infrared light acts as an antiseptic, attacks inflammation-thus reducing pain, and accelerates healing by attracting micro-vessels to the damaged tissues. 

This therapy is commonly used for many applications, including wounds, post-operative incisions, arthritis, lick granulomas, ear and bladder infections.

CAUTIONS include cancer patients and eye protection. It must NOT be applied in areas of cancer because of its ability to stimulate vessel growth. 

ELEVIAT Pain personnel trained to apply this therapy can incorporate this for the hospice patient or assist animals during rehabilitation programs.  The portable machine emits this infrared light through either a massage ball or an open end of a handheld probe.  Most animals relax or fall asleep during these sessions.