What to Expect

Euthanasia and Your Pet’s Final Moments

First, an authorization must be signed to perform Euthanasia and ensure your pet has not recently bitten anyone. This is usually a good time to take care of the charges and confirm final arrangements. Payment may be made with cash, personal check or debit card; credit cards can also be used with prior notice.

After the paperwork and payment is completed and everyone present is ready, the doctor will give the pet a sedative shot to help him relax and prevent any unnecessary stress or pain during the final injection. Your pet will gradually pass into a deep sleep which may take up to 15 minutes. During this time, you should feel free to continue to talk to and comfort your pet.

Once your pet is in a state of deep sleep/sedation and you have said your final good-byes, the doctor will inject an overdose of a very powerful anesthetic (a euthanasia solution) into a vein. (moved from last sentence -Your pet will remain unconscious during this injection and will not feel any pain or discomfort.) This last injection will stop the respiration and then the heart, usually within a minute or two. Although your pet will be unconscious, you may continue to comfort and touch your companion throughout the entire procedure. The doctor will confirm the passing of you pet by listening for a heartbeat with a stethoscope.


Some things to be aware of…

In most cases once the animal is sedated, and even after death, the eyes usually do not shut completely, even if someone tries to shut them. Although euthanasia solution induces rapid clinical death there can be muscular reflex movements, last breaths, or even vocalization, though this is very rare. The bladder and/or bowels commonly release after the pet is gone, especially when repositioned.